Biasca, Switzerland, March 23, 2023 – HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis, one of the leading development and manufacturing companies in the international chemical-pharmaceutical industry, delivering for years active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), high-activity active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) and anticancer compounds for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, today announces that it has achieved carbon neutrality for the year 2021.

This allows HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis to establish itself as a leader among Ticino companies in terms of its climate policy.

This result, which confirms the company’s commitment to combating climate change and mitigating environmental impacts, is in fact part of a very clear path that began with the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions related to the 2021 financial year and that will lead HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis to reduce all possible emissions by offsetting only the inevitable ones.

This important goal has been achieved as a result of the innovative and sustainable progress promoted by HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis over the last ten years, characterized by the desire to decarbonize its energy system and its production processes.

Among the most important projects which have allowed HAS Healthcare Advanced Synthesis to reduce its carbon footprint over the years, is the connection, in 2017, to the district heating system plant in Biasca. This has made it possible to reduce CO2e emissions related to the use of fossil fuels (diesel) by over 90% through the use of woody biomass energy.